♥ I'm In Love

I shot the cover for Noonie Bao's new single "I'm In Love" which is released today!

Photography: Saga Wendotte
Artwork: Albin Holmqvist
Styling: Nette Sandström

You can listen to it here on Spotify!


♥ From sketch to finish

I made a bunch of vegan posters for my (and possibly your?) kitchen.

More can be found here: sagawendotte.storenvy.com/


♥ BTS: Lost and Found

Found some old shots of cutie no 1...

... And cutie no 2, who were part of the Lost and Found project (2014).

A big thank you goes out to Elsa's and Hilding's parents. <3


♥ A ship in the harbour is safe, but that's not what ships are built for

Seven Seas - Riverside

Seven Seas - Empire
My series Seven Seas can be purchased from the brand new site piQmo!


♥ Lost and Found II

Elsa with braids. Toys from Sweden's wastewater treatment plants. A bit gross, yes. This project was made for Mitt Vatten and meant to educate the population about wastewater. 50x70cm prints available for purchase at Young Art.


♥ Shooting props

Found this prop shot the other day and thought it looked quite odd/funny. Working with whatever comes in handy I guess. This was from the "Lost and Found" project which will be launched next week. In other words, this photo will make a lot more sense in a couple of days. Stay tuned. :)


♥ Seven Seas

Seven Seas - Stormy Seas

Seven Seas - Globe
My series Seven Seas can be purchased from the brand new affordable art site piQmo!