♥ The End Of All Things // the exhibition

The exhibition began at 2 pm yesterday at Bukowskis (Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm) with a big line of visitors outside. Lots of people, not so much space. 24 photography students, 24 final projects. I've got one piece from my project The End Of All Things shown on one of the walls there and the rest can be found in my portfolio (which lies on a table there). The exhibition ends next Saturday, so make sure you go there between 12 pm - 4 pm sometime before then! The website for the exhibition can be found here.


♥ The End Of All Things // the surroundings

Pine trees, pine trees, and more pine trees. And those flower printed wallpapers that always manage to sneak into my photos. Photoshop crashed a few minutes ago, been working without saving for 5 hours thinking I'd take half an hour off to eat something while I'd let the program save my files, but no. Sucks since I need to have my portfolio prints ready for the exhibition that starts tomorrow.


♥ The End Of All Things // the model

The lovely Henrietta B from Elite was my model of choice for this project, she did such a great job! We had three sessions together with stylist Maria Bertling and make-up artists Suzan Abdul and Susanna Edman. More info coming soon ;)


♥ The End Of All Things // the project

I think it's about time I tell you about this project I've been working on lately. It's called The End Of All Things and if I would have to label it I'd say it's sort of a mix between art and fashion photography, leaning more towards the arty side I guess. It'll be exhibited very, very soon and I'll write about this project in several blog posts, so this will have to do for now!