♥ What's up, S?

(A Place In Her World, at Edsvik konsthall)

(From the series Far Away Kingdoms, on the buses, subway and commuter trains in Stockholm)

(Little Red, at Liljevalchs konsthall)

Just some things I had on display this month. You can also see them at http://sagawendotte.com (-> art projects).


♥ Songs for all the little broken hearts

I made a playlist for you: http://open.spotify.com/user/hellobabycake/playlist/52ONSa8J9mrxn8H1IGJ4NI
(Not saying it'll make you feel better. Unfortunately all the songs I wanted to put in there weren't available.)


♥ No storybook ending

Silly little girl, always thinking so far ahead. Is it getting you further? Or just leaving you alone with shattered dreams, a broken heart and jealousy?


♥ A lack of faith

Things have been going well for me lately. I mean, really well.
And yes, I was expecting something really bad to happen.
I just wasn't expecting this.
Well played.


♥ All systems red

Always half an inch from breakdown.


♥ More on Henrietta

Photography: Saga
Hair & make-up: Susanna Edman
Model: Henrietta B/Elite
Styling: Gustav Skärbring/Agent Bauer


♥ All ways are my ways

1. Got tickets to Alice in Wonderland (3D) on Saturday. 2. Have to see wild things soon. (Either at the movies or in real life.) 3. Have serious corn on the cob cravings. (Something tells me they will go unsatisfied for a little while longer.)