♥ If you don't cry, you don't have a heart

My mother has this sort of shit happens approach to death which I find really disturbing.


♥ Between birch trees and spring exhibitions

Today I felt like isolating some birch trees. It seems I have a thing for birch trees (and bunnies), I photograph them all the time. I guess I like the effect white objects bring to images. Anyway, I have an announcement to make! 'Little Red' (which was shot in January last year, oh the coincidence!) will now be exhibited at Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm. The Spring Exhibition will open for the public next Friday and will go on until the 28th of March. You should go see it. Yes you should.


♥ Meteorites

When I walk home late at night I'm not afraid of robbers, rapists, drunk drivers... I'm afraid of meteorites. I'm afraid a meteorite will fall on my head and kill me.

And it's kind of funny 'cause I never dream about meteorites hitting my head, I never dream about slaying vampires or sailing off to far away places. I dream about going grocery shopping, or sitting in lectures. Things like that.

And so I wonder what to make of this.


♥ It's been eight hours

And I miss you like hell so I better keep myself occupied this weekend.



♥ I tried not to notice his glare and my frozen fingers

"I thought we were going out for a walk. If you only wanted to go out to take photographs you could've told me and I could've
stayed at home! Hello? Why are you ignoring me?"