♥ The camera loves you, D

I had this shoot in October (was it really that long ago?), which was shot really clean and simple like the photo above, but then I sort of went a bit (just a tiny bit) overboard with the post-production. I just couldn't help myself...
I'll upload the finished photos over at sagaphotography.se when I find the time.

Photography: Saga
Hair & make-up: Susanna Edman
Model: Denise K/Elite
Dress: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair


♥ Merry Christmas, dear

♥ It's been eight weeks

And I still remember the shape of your lips but I've forgotten how they taste.


♥ Old parts and new starts

Sleeping 'til noon, feeling the breath from the body lying next to me, brushing my teeth, walking around in his old shirt, taking another polaroid picture, having some candy, going back to bed, aiming my SX-70 at him.

Pressing the shutter.

I long for your arrival on Thursday.
I love you, Christian.