♥ Cobalt

Credits: Same as below.


♥ For the love of low-tech

Photography: Saga
Hair & make-up: Susanna Edman
Model: Henrietta B/Elite
Styling: Gustav Skärbring/Agent Bauer


♥ Magazines and cupcakes

I got a call from the magazine FOTO a few weeks ago. They were wondering if they could use my photo in their article about the spring exhibition and yesterday I found two copies of the magazine when I came home. (Those cupcake storages are the best by the way, nothing fits in them but they're so cute.)



♥ This is so retarded but I'll post it anyway

Happy Valentine's. (Oh dear it never stops!)


♥ Little Red

All five of the 200 x 66 cm framed Little Red digigraphie prints that were for sale at Liljevalchs konsthall got sold in about one week. Mr Cronwall told me it was some sort of accomplishment and I don't know about that but it sure was unexpected. I'm glad it got such a good response!